Your write in candidate for 2009
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Bringing Bremerton back to Bremerton, for the people of Bremerton!
I didn't come from money, so I don't want your money. I will not ask for donations, because I will do this campaign from the streets — as a person, a poor person, a real person. Bremerton will make money, not waste money under my watch.

Hydroelectricity can and will make this town money.

All these unnecessary taxes that only the town of Bremerton seems to have will be will be taken away — as fast as I can take them away. I will also donate half my yearly income to the Bremerton School District Art Program that has been all but taken away to "Build a better Bremerton".
I will then show you the most "Transparent Government" you have ever seen.

We the people of Bremerton will work to make Bremerton a better place to live.

I was born here in Bremerton… grew up here in Bremerton… spent most of my adulthood here in Bremerton… and things need to "change." 
The 'changes' that have been made over the last 10-15 years are superficial, only hiding the underlying problems. "We need to bring life, business and culture back to Bremerton," they said ... well look at what they brought to Bremerton...MORE DEBT.

We've heard all their dreams and watched them fail, costing us the people money.We've watched our schools close, our public transit double in price, with half the runs cut and no runs on Sundays. So on and so on.The list is so long it wont fit on this free web site.

It's time we bring this town back to life and back to the people — I will do just that.
I'm not trying to "change" this town, I'm trying to re-pioneer it.
Keep it real-Vote MOEN this November! Your write in candidate for 2009!